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As a lifestyle copywriter, I’ve got the inside scoop on products that are cool, convenient and comfy. From sports socks to scented candles, I love everything lifestyle. Through a combination of my copywriting work and my online shopping obsession, I’ve tried and tested thousands of lifestyle products over the years. Here are 12 life-changing products I can’t live without (and you shouldn’t either).


1. Noomi beanbags

I’ve never been a beanbag person, until I sat in a Noomi beanbag at the Melbourne Mind Body Spirit Festival in 2017. Since then, I’ve spent a small fortune on my Noomi collection. I have the XL beanbag, support pillow, blanket, iPad holder, cushioned lap trays and a bolster I spoon in bed every night (much to my husband’s dismay).


Noomi beanbags aren’t like ordinary beanbags. The beans are smaller than store bought beanbags (around 2-3mm in diameter). That means they don’t compress, so the beanbag holds its shape much longer. The small beans also help Noomi beanbags mould to your body.


At the risk of sounding a little sad, sinking into my Noomi beanbag is the best part of my day. Even if my day included winning Powerball and going to Disneyland, Noomi would still be a highlight. That’s how comfy these beanbags are. When you try one, you’ll understand. Check them out at



2. Birkenstocks

Since I first saw them on arty hipsters back in my Uni days, I’ve bagged Birkenstocks – hard. I always thought they were so nerdy. Who would wear such ugly shoes? Turns out I would. And I do, almost every day. I even wear them with socks when I’m not in public (I still have my pride).


This doesn’t make sense, but there’s only one way to describe Birkenstocks: More comfortable than my own feet. Birkenstocks are more comfortable than bare feet, Converse, running shoes, thongs, slippers, Ugg boots – all the shoes. My hubby hated them as much as me, until I bought him a pair. Now neither of us are turning back. We’re Team Birkenstock for life.


I have the classic Arizona sandals, which I wear with everything from jeans to maxi dresses. I’ve found the sizing runs wide, so unless you have a really wide foot, go for the narrow fit. You can view the full range of Birkys here:



3. IKOU candles

I discovered IKOU candles on a recent trip to Byron Bay (I swear I’m not a full-blown Birkenstock wearing hippy). Out of all the scented candles I’ve tried, these are by far the best. The fragrances are divine, and one candle throws off enough scent to make my whole house smell amazing. Even the delivery guy from Coles commented. That’s the sign of a truly good candle.


IKOU candles are made from pure essential oils, so they don’t give me a headache like some cheaper candles. They also use local, Aussie ingredients and ethical wax sourced through sustainable plantations. IKOU’s large glass candles are household staples, but I also love their other products, including diffuser reeds and wax melts. My favourite scents are De-Stress and Joy. They smell so fresh and so clean, and they make me feel like a real grown up. IKOU has a shopfront in Byron but you can also buy their products online. Head to

Ikou candle



4. Steigen socks

Any runner or gym goer will agree – nothing ruins your workout faster than socks that slide down in your shoes. Thankfully, Steigen have solved this problem with their amazing no-slip sports socks.


I first purchased these socks in 2015 after receiving a discount code in a fun-run pack. Since then, I only wear Steigens. Aside from the fact they never slip and have a no-blister guarantee, I love that they are super thin. I like a close-fitting shoe, so bulky socks are my natural enemy.


Steigen socks come in lots of lengths, from zero length (which is almost invisible) to full-length, knee-high numbers. They also have heaps of cool colours, not just traditional black or white. At $18.95 a pair, these socks don’t come cheap, but they last forever. Plus, until you’ve worn top-notch training socks, you don’t know what you’re missing. These have honestly changed my life. I promise they’ll change yours too, if you’re serious about sport or training.



5. Control Freak planner

Hands up if you love to be organised AND you’re a sucker for cool stationary? Guilty as charged. Despite working almost solely online, I’m old-school when it comes to planning my life. I like pen and paper. Problem was, I couldn’t find a planner I loved – until I discovered Control Freak.


Control Freak is a quarterly planner I purchase through a subscription. Every day I get a glorious A4 page for notes and appointments, so I never run out of room. Control Freak planners also include heaps of bonuses that are great for business owners, like a social media calendar, income planner, lead tracker and more.


In terms of style, Control Freak planners are as pretty as they are practical. There’s brush pen lettering, a choice of two covers, and tongue-in-cheek copy that’s right up my alley. I love receiving my new planner in the mail every quarter. I’d be lost without it. Find out more and get your freak on here:


Daily planner


6. Bose QC35 noise cancelling headphones

When Bose say ‘noise cancelling headphones’ they mean noise cancelling headphones. These things cancel every noise. My husband banging on about video games. The safety announcements on a plane. The noise of my vacuum cleaner while I’m using it. The sound of children singing Aqua’s 1997 hit, Barbie Girl, in the neighbour’s backyard while I’m trying to work. So cute, but SO annoying. The only noise these headphones couldn’t cancel was Bollywood music on a bus in Nepal – but those beats were FULL BLAST… and that’s a story for another day.


Aside from being insanely effective, Bose QC35 headphones are so comfortable I can wear them all day. The QC stands for ‘quiet comfort’ and that’s exactly what I get. They are pretty pricey at around $400 a pair, but I reckon they’re worth every dollar. Believe the hype, people. Check them out on the Bose website, but shop around for a cheaper price:


7. Boody bamboo wear

When it comes to what I wear, comfort is a big priority. I still like to look good, sure, but never at the cost of feeling comfy. Spray-on jeans and underwire bras are out. Bamboo basics are in – and Boody Australia does ‘em best.


Lots of companies are doing bamboo (it’s so hot right now), but Boody raises the bar for comfort, durability and street cred. I wear their crew neck t-shirts, racerback gym tanks, crop tops, sports bras and undies – all in my signature black, of course. They also have leggings and sports tights, which I’m keen to try soon.


Everything in the Boody range is made from sustainable organic bamboo. The material is a dream to wear and washes up like new, even after sweaty gym sessions. Boody’s prices are affordable they have a wide range of sizes for women, men, kids and babies – so the whole family can get bamboo-zled. Buy your bamboo basics here and change your life:


8. Shakti acupressure mat

Not many impulse purchases meet expectations, but the Shakti Mat is an exception. Marketed as a ‘personal masseuse’, the Shakti Mat resembles a mini bed of plastic nails. It promises to promote relaxation, ease muscle tension and encourage sleep. It delivers on all counts.


When I first lied down on the Shakti, it hurt like hell – but only for the first few times. After a few minutes, the relaxation kicked in, easing my tired computer-crunched shoulders. Within a week, I was converted to Shakti’s superpowers. I’ve since purchased a Shakti pillow, which I use with the mat. I’m thinking of upgrading to a Shakti ‘advanced’ which has more spikes for a deeper massage.


Shakti is awesome for making me sleepy (I’ve fallen asleep on it too many times). I also find it helps heaps with headaches, anxiety and period pain – my three biggest health concerns. The only downside to the Shakti Mat is that it sucks to get up. There’s no comfortable way to do it, as the spikes really dig in. Still, it’s a small price to pay for big relaxation. See what Shakti’s all about here:


Shakti accupressure mat


9. Gioia Casa silk pillowcases

I’m in my late 30’s, so I’ve started to up my skincare game and think about anti-aging. While searching for the fountain of youth (mostly in Mecca and Sephora), I discovered that silk pillowcases are secret weapons in anti-aging. They eliminate friction between your face and the pillow, which can cause sleep creases. They also stop hair from going frizzy, and they don’t absorb fancy face creams like cotton pillowcases.


Most silk pillowcases retail for between $70 and $80, but I got these ones for $30 each from Catch of the Day. They’re made from 100% mulberry silk, so they’re definitely the real deal. I’ve been using them for 6 months and I’ve noticed a difference. My face feels smoother when I wake up and my skincare products stay on overnight (work your magic, my pretties). I love that these particular pillowcases are double sided too, so I can flip them when I dribble in my sleep (wish I was joking). You can view the full range on the Gioia Casa website, but keep your eyes on Catch of the Day if you’re keen to snap up a bargain:


10. Tupperware Smooth Chopper

Time is my most precious commodity, so I’m always looking for ways to save it. When the Tupperware Smooth Chopper promised to save me hours in food preparation time, I bought it instantly. This was at a Tupperware party 10 years ago and it’s still going strong.


This thing comes with two attachments – a razor sharp spinning blade and a plastic whisk. It can chop veggies, puree fruit, crush nuts and make a mean salad dressing. But I use it mostly to make protein smoothies with frozen bananas and berries. I have a big, high-powered blender but it’s overkill for one smoothie. Half the smoothie gets stuck to the sides, which sh!ts me to tears. The Smooth Chopper is the perfect size for a single or double serve.


Like all Tupperware, the Smooth Chopper works a treat and is built to last. I recently chipped the plastic base and Tupperware replaced it under their lifetime warranty. No questions asked. Win. You can only purchase this product through a Tupperware consultant but you can view it online here:


11. Soulara meal delivery service

Hi, my name’s Alicia and I’m addicted to meal delivery services. Seriously, I’ve tried them all. Partly because I’m pressed for time, but mostly because I’m health conscious. Soulara is my favourite so far and I’ve stuck with them for over 12 months.


I started Soulara went I decided to switch to a plant-based diet. I’m not a proper vegan (I’m stuck on Cadbury chocolate, Chobani yoghurt and condiments) but Soulara’s portion-controlled, plant-based meals have made herbivore life so much easier. I get a delivery every fortnight and keep the meals in the freezer. They’re perfect for weekday lunches when I’m in the zone writing and want something quick and delicious. Although all the meals are vegan, Soulara would please any carnivore I know. My favourite meals are the Miso Zen Bowl and Kung Pao Brussel Sprouts with tofu. View the menu here:


healthy vegan meal


12. L’OCCITANE Almond Shower Oil

Living in Melbourne, I get to enjoy the ‘four seasons in one day’ weather. Autumn and winter are my favourite seasons (cool weather, come at me) but I’m really bad at moisturising my body when the mercury drops. When I get out of the shower, I want to immediately rug up – not stand on cold tiles applying even colder moisturiser. Enter L’OCCITANE Almond Shower Oil, which cleans and moisturises at the same time.


This stuff smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling soft (or at least less like dragon’s skin) without the need for moisturiser. It is pretty exxy, but it lasts for ages. A little goes along way. Plus, it’s fancy and French, so it makes an awesome gift for your mum, sister, girlfriend, grandma… or your favourite lifestyle copywriter. 😉



Which life-changing products are you obsessed with?

Tell me everything. I want to know all the lifestyle products you love, why you love them, and which ones I should try. Post your comments below, or contact me to compare notes.

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