A guide to business rebranding, including why and how I rebranded

You’re reading the first blog on my new website, which means it must be real. My business rebrand is complete. Raise your glasses (or coffee mugs) people – Tea & Copy has arrived.


When I decided to rebrand at the start of the year, I knew it would be an epic journey. I expected blood, sweat and tears. I budgeted for an emotional breakdown. But thanks to a clear vision and support from a talented team of all-female freelancers, it’s been mostly smooth sailing.


In this blog, I’ll share the motivation, learnings and lovely people behind my rebrand from Type A Copywriting to Tea & Copy. I’ll also share tips for rebranding a business, including my rebrand checklist. Rebranding is a big job, but with the right people and careful planning, it doesn’t have to be as daunting as you think.


If it wasn’t broken, why fix it?

Great question. I’m glad I asked it three million times before embarking on my rebrand. Before I explain why I rebranded, let me give you a little history. I took my copywriting business full-time in 2016, after months of side hustling around my corporate gig. I started as Type A Copywriting, with a DIY website and a whipped-up logo. The name was inspired by my Type A personality. The fact it had the word ‘type’ in it, as well as an ‘A’ for Alicia, made me feel like kind of a genius. I must have been high on excitement.


Type A Copywriting served me well for three solid years. The brand attracted quality clients and brought in consistent work. My husband never had to drive Uber after work, like I told him he might when I first quit my job. I never stopped buying shoes and the cats are still eating Royal Canin – the Rolls Royce of cat food. The past three years have been awesome, and my business has grown into a profitable beast. So why would I be crazy enough to do a business rebrand? A few reasons, really.

  • I’ve changed
  • My business goals have changed
  • I’ve figured out who I most like to work with
  • I’ve figured out what I most like to write about
  • I deserve (and want) an upgrade from the DIY website and brand I’ve outgrown


I always tell my clients that a brand should evolve and grow with them. But, when I look at my old website, I wasn’t practicing what I preached. Type A Copywriting spoke to a corporate crowd, but I love working with creatives and lifestyle brands. My old services included whitepaper writing, which makes me want to stress eat Boost bars. As for my Type A photos, I’m almost unrecognisable. I changed my hair from black to blonde, but someone forgot to tell my website.


My rebrand is more than just a ‘new and improved’ version of my business. It’s about me having the confidence to be super selective about my clients and services. Rather than writing all types of copy, I’m focusing on my favourites – SEO website copywriting, sales pages and blog posts. No more spreading myself thin like the jam on a cheap lamington. I’m saving all my copywriting sweetness for projects that make me feel warm and fuzzy.


No more spreading myself thin like the jam on a cheap lamington. I’m saving all my copywriting sweetness for projects that make me feel warm and fuzzy.”


Alicia Kacar drinking tea


Why the name Tea & Copy?

First of all, it’s cool, right? Clever play on words. But, more importantly, it represents me – and two of my favourite things. Aside from hubby and the cats, who I love with the ferocity of a thousand hungry wolves, there’s nothing I love more than drinking tea and writing copy. I’m both a tea pig and a tea snob, which means I like the fancy stuff in large quantities. My favourite clients are tea drinkers too and the theme speaks to my target audience – lifestyle brands, creatives and established small businesses in the following spaces:

  • Health & wellness
  • Fashion
  • Food
  • Lifestyle
  • Creative services
  • Coaching (biz & personal)
  • Beauty
  • Travel


Instead of writing about anything and everything, I’m focusing on the topics I know and love most. I’m also positioning myself to land some bucket list clients, because life’s too short to lack ambition. Go-to Skincare, T2, Peter Alexander – I’ve got my eyes on you.


What does the rebrand mean for my clients?

For existing copywriting clients, not much changes. Most of my ongoing clients are in the fields I’m focusing on, so it’s business as usual. For the handful of regular clients who are tax agents, tradies, government agencies or engineers, I’ll continue to work with them for as long as we’re a good fit. Some of these clients are the most loyal, lovely, legendary people to work with, so there’s no way I’m turning them loose just because I’ve rebranded.


For new copywriting clients, I’ll be following my intuition as closely as my processes. As a one-woman show, I can’t work with everyone – and I won’t work with anyone. I want to work with established businesses who understand the value of quality copywriting. I want to love writing for them – and I want them to love my writing. If I can achieve that, everyone wins.


Tea & Copy business rebrand


The best part about rebranding

Full. Creative. Control. Those who know me will attest, I’m a strange combination of creativity, nerdiness and control freakiness (not a word, I know). As a copywriter, I contribute my skills to other people’s websites, projects and campaigns. That’s brilliant, I love being part of it. But having my own big project and being the creative puppet master? That was better than bingeing Netflix in my PJs, with the cats on my lap, while eating calorie-free chocolate.


As a copywriter, I contribute my skills to other people’s projects. Having my own project was better than bingeing Netflix in my PJs, with the cats on my lap, while eating calorie-free chocolate.”


From coming up with website concepts to briefing my designer and photographer I loved every minute of bringing my rebrand to life. Except maybe one small part….


The worst part about rebranding

Writing my own copy. What a drainer. No one knows my business better than me, but that was half the battle. Anyone who’s ever tried to write their own About page knows what I mean. The fact that I’m a copywriter didn’t make it easier. I broke all the rules. I edited while I wrote. I second guessed myself. I chopped and changed and started again. I was the copywriting client from hell.


The whole process took months and all my powers of motivation. After a big week of writing for clients, writing my own copy was as appealing as eating ice-cream in Antarctica. To all the plumbers with leaky pipes and the web developers with broken links – I see you, I feel you. I got there in the end, but I’d be lying if I said I enjoyed the process. Client work for the win.


The other crappy thing about rebranding is losing all the SEO love I’d built up on my old site. As a graduate of Kate Toon’s Recipe for SEO Success course, I worked hard to optimise Type A Copywriting and was ranking well for my targeted keyword. A new website means I’m starting from scratch. Thankfully, I have the SEO skills to climb back up the Google ladder.


How much does a rebrand cost?

This is a question I’ve been asked by lots of my fellow copywriters and freelancers – and one I’m happy to answer. All up, my rebrand cost around $6,000 AUD. This includes:

  • Logo design & branding
  • Photography
  • Website design
  • Website development
  • Domain name, business registrations, website hosting


Writing my own copy cost me my sanity, but it also saved me around $3,000. That’s something to factor into your rebrand costs. My website has more pages (and more copy) than some websites, so copywriting could cost more or less, depending on your needs. If you want a ballpark figure, check out my website copywriting prices.


My business rebrand checklist

There are so many tasks, big and small, that make up a business rebrand. Here’s a quick checklist I made up for my own rebrand. Every business will have different needs, but this will give you a good idea of what’s involved.

  • Do a brand discovery exercise (or hire a branding expert) to help you get clear on your audience, offerings and unique marketing proposition BEFORE you start spending money
  • Purchase your new domain name and any other related domains (eg: .com, .com.au)
  • Register your new business name on the ASIC Business Names Registrar
  • Set up social media accounts to secure your handles (or changeover existing social media accounts when you launch)
  • Choose a graphic designer to create a professional logo, plus any other marketing collateral (eg: business cards, corporate stationary) in your brand colours and fonts
  • Choose a copywriter who can help you put your big mission into words
  • Choose a photographer and book a professional branding shoot (that image of you from your best friend’s wedding in 2008 won’t do)
  • Choose a web developer who can bring all these elements – design, copy and photography – together on your chosen platform (I recommend WordPress)
  • Choose a launch date and start pre-launching to your clients and followers.
  • Update your branding on any software or resources (eg: accounting software, templates, email signature)
  • Go live!



Bonus tip: When choosing service providers, allow plenty of time. Most sought-after graphic designers, copywriters and web developers get booked well in advance, so don’t wait until the last minute to let them know about your project.


Bonus resource: Want to know more about rebranding? My delightful graphic designer wrote a blog post on rebranding, which covers everything from planning a rebrand to navigating launch day and beyond. Check out her rebrand plan. I found it super helpful.


My business rebrand team

Like all good projects, Tea & Copy is the result of collaboration – and it wouldn’t exist without help from an all-star female team. As an extremely fussy person with insanely high expectations, I was very selective with my service providers. Some people call it stalking, I call it ‘online research’. Either way, I couldn’t be happier with the work of these talented women. Huge thanks to all of you dreamboats.


Tiffany Gouge – Graphic Designer at Studio: Tiffany Gouge

An absolute goddess of graphic design and brand identity creation. Tiffany created the Tea & Copy logo, branding and website UI. She nailed my brief and blew my mind with her design skills. Not only that, she’s sweet as pie – a real pleasure to work with. Tiffany works with established small to medium businesses and has been designing for over 10 years. If you’re thinking of rebranding, do yourself a favour and talk to Tiffany.


Fi Mims – Photographer at Fi Mims Photography

If you knew how much I disliked having my photo taken, you’d understand how much of a genius Fi is. She made this awkward, camera-shy copywriter look like a million bucks (if I do say so myself) and captured the spirit of Tea & Copy perfectly. Fi is super professional, full of ideas and makes the process simple and fun. I’m looking forward to my next photoshoot, which is something I thought I’d never say.


Lisa Jaffe – Web Developer at Jaffe Websites

If you want a website that’s unique, user-friendly and technically top-notch, Lisa is your woman. Lisa specialises in custom WordPress theme development, which means she can create almost anything you imagine. As well as being a lovely human, Lisa is professional, affordable, incredibly patient and a legend to work with. I’m SO happy with the Tea & Copy website, and it’s all thanks to Lisa’s code wizardry.


Nat AlleblasSEO Sleuth

Have I mentioned how writing my own website copy almost killed me? The only reason I didn’t die is because I didn’t need to do my own keyword research. I outsourced to Nat Alleblas. Nat helps busy copywriters, marketers and web developers with their clients’ SEO. Hiring Nat to do keyword research saved me hours of time. She provided me with some killer keywords and did it in record time.


While not directly part of my rebrand, I also want to shout out to the Queen of Copy, Kate Toon, and my fellow copy beasts at The Clever Copywriting School, who are always around to bounce ideas and provide business inspiration.


Rebranding a business? I can help.

As well as copywriting for your new website, I can create Tone of Voice (TOV) guidelines that help you define your market, refine your offering and align your messaging. Contact me for a quote. I’d love to help bring your new brand to life.

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